Fun Activities to do this Holiday Season

Fun Holiday Ideas

Looking for fun ideas to do this holiday season with the person you are caring for? Read on to learn more fun ideas from Deanna Hearn.

Deanna Hearn, President of the Nevada Caregivers Coalition and former family caregiver, shares how she made the holidays a fun time for her mom. She said the biggest thing she kept in mind was to make sure her mom did not feel excluded during the holidays.

Here are a few things you can do with the person you are caring during this holiday season!

1. Christmas Lights

One of the things that Deanna’s mom enjoyed during the holidays was seeing the Christmas lights. They would go out and make an evening of it! Go for a drive and make your rounds in your neighborhood to see festive lights and decorations!

2. Baking

Deanna likes to bake during the holidays. She would invite her mom to bake Christmas bread with her. Her mom loved to help with making any kind of preparations, so this is one of the tasks her mom participated in. If you like to bake or make a special treat for the holidays, ask them to help you to prep! A simple task can be something they enjoy and appreciate being a part of.

3. Meal Planning

As with any big festivities go, meal planning is definitely a necessity for the holidays. Deanna suggests to also include the person you are caring for in meal planning. If there are things they can help with, ask them if they are up to the task, even if it is something as simple as setting the table.

4. Decorating

One of the most fun things about the holidays is decorating to make your home look festive! Ask the person you are caring for to help you decorate the tree and your home!

5. Holiday Party

Every year, Deanna throws a holiday party at her home. “Mom was a big help! She helped with the food prep and decorations. The best part was that she also felt like a guest at the holiday party – interacting with everyone. I could tell she enjoyed herself.”

6. Picking out a Christmas Tree

Do you and the person you are caring for prefer a real Christmas tree? If so, this can be another fun activity for you both to do. It is also a great opportunity to spend time with the person you are caring for.

7. Shopping for Gifts

Shopping for gifts is also something that you can do as a fun holiday activity with the person you are caring for. If they are comfortable, take them with you to go shopping! If the person you are caring for is usually at home, this would be an opportunity for them to get out, get some fresh air, and see holiday decorations outside!

8. Celebrating the end of Hannukah

In honor of the end of Hannukah, there are plenty of fun activities you can do to celebrate. The most classic game being, spinning the dreidel. There are also other activities you can do, like making a cupcake menorah, or a Star of David sculptures out of popsicle sticks.

9. Dance!

In honor of Kwanzaa, it is tradition to dance! Ask the person you are caring for to join you! If your family member is not up to it, you can ask them to drum, instead.

10. Invite a fellow caregiver and their loved one to spend a holiday together.
Plan an activity and include a meal/potluck.

11. Deanna’s biggest tip for those who are caregiving for someone is to make sure that you include them as much as you can – whether it is decorating your home or deciding what to have for meals, asking for their opinion or their help is something they will appreciate.

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Special thanks:
Deanna Hearn

Interview conducted by:
Luiza Benisano