Caring for my Father in the time of a Pandemic

Caring for my father

Caring for her father during a pandemic, Bonnie read shares her story and why it is important to check on your loved ones daily.

Bonnie shares how difficult it was for her to have her father living in an Independent Senior Living Community during a pandemic. She writes:

“Thinking of him having no communication except for television, watching way too much news and politics, which leaves him with anxious feelings about a future he can no longer participate in, was worrisome for me.”

To alleviate her dad from feeling isolated, Bonnie made it a routine every Saturday morning to drop off goodies such as cookies, applesauce, and more! She shares just how important it is to check up on loved ones living in a facility as much as you can:

“It is so very important to call daily and lift the spirits of those who can’t leave the room due to quarantine! Imagine having to eat every meal alone, set dishes outside the door, and seeing NO ONE. The old folks can’t afford depression, they will give up, and it’s not okay to go out in a bleak spirit. I do my best to stay positive and call often to check on my dad,” she said.

Since Bonnie wrote about her worries of her father going through isolation, her father, Royce Read, has since moved back home with her. She shares with Aging and Awesome the big relief and gratitude she feels now that she gets to take care of her father during this time, “We want to get him closer to me and out of isolation,” she said. 

She also credits the Caregiver Support Initiative for being her go-to resource for caregiving. “I appreciate the opportunity to work with everyone involved in the Caregiver Support Initiative steering committee. Instantly, I realized I did not know as much about navigating the system as I should. I learn something new from every dialogue. We are all caregivers at some point. Through the guidebook and website, assistance has been given to thousands; I am convinced of that.”

To view Bonnie and Royce Read’s full interview, click here.

For more caregiving resources, call the Community Foundation at 775-333-5499.