Welcome to Nevadacaregivers.org!

NV Caregivers

Welcome to nevadacaregivers.org!

The Community Foundation of Northern Nevada’s Caregiver Support Initiative is directed at the needs of unpaid family caregivers to seniors.

We are proud to share the launch of our new and improved resource directory, nevadacaregivers.org, formerly known as washoecaregivers.org.

The user-friendly website will help ease the confusion that caregiving can sometimes bring.

Getting started as a caregiver can be challenging. Caregiving jargon like respite care and community-based care can be a puzzle. Many have contacted the Community Foundation saying they don’t know how to start as a caregiver.

To guide through the maze of resources and complex topics, we created the “Not sure where to start” section and “I need help with…” drop-down menu to help people navigate common caregiver scenarios, including needing a break and finding living arrangements for an aging family member.

Another new feature is the most popular searches list section, which gives you 6 of the most frequently searched resources caregivers have looked for on the website. This can help you narrow down the best options for your needs.

Before nevadacaregivers.org went live, we invited family caregivers to test the website for feedback with Mesh Creative Web Developer Milan Sperka. Caregivers shared feedback to make the website easier to navigate, which Milan incorporated into the site.

All of our other resources such as the Nevada Caregivers Guidebook, Caregivers’ Compensation Guide, important documents, and more are available on the website.

We invite you to visit nevadacaregivers.org and share with anyone in need of caregiving resources. For any questions or for more information, call the Community Foundation at 775-333-5499.