Best Caregiver-Friendly Practices Part I

Best Caregiver-Friendly Practices

Best Caregiver-Friendly Practices for Free Part I

Below is a list of the best caregiver-friendly practices other companies have used to support working caregivers. If you are an employer or a business owner, this is for you. By implementing a few simple practices in your work, you will be able to retain and provide support to your caregiver employees.

  1. Private Area for Phone Calls

If you have an open layout at your office, consider designating a private area for your employees to take phone calls. Caregiving tasks happen at any time of the day. Most of the appointments your caregiving employees must schedule can only be done during conventional business hours and a private phone area can allow your employees to make calls containing sensitive or confidential information.


  1. Flexible Scheduling

Offering schedule flexibility is invaluable. Allowing a caregiving employee to come to work an hour early so they can leave earlier to take a family member to the hospital can be very helpful. In what ways can your company offer flexible scheduling to be more accommodating?


  1. Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are gatherings for caregiving employees to share stories and advice. Affinity groups can be conducted informally by simply having caregiving employees meet without a specific format, but they can also be formally conducted by bringing in a healthcare expert to listen and share information. Many caregivers do not realize that others, even their coworkers, are in similar situations. Hosing affinity groups is an easy way for caregivers to share their knowledge and have their questions answered by coworkers. Affinity groups can be offered on a monthly basis, or whenever it is convenient for your company to host gathering for caregiver employees.


Remember, supporting caregivers is good business.  When you support caregivers in your workplace, your business will benefit too. If you or someone you know is new at caregiving, visit or call the Community Foundation at 775-333-5499 for more information.